Dear Friends and Reader,

I feel great honor to address you as a President of the Nations Gospel Assemblies (Registered) currently situated in a thick Christian Area Youhanna Abad by Ferozepur Road, Lahore, Pakistan. Our main object is to create the awareness and teach Christian Doctrine, especially to the people who live in the slum and most poorer part of our city.

In the present word of progress and prosperity, it is our desire to bring the poorer Christian community and their children’s to the current standards of the world.   

I have a dream like Martin Luther King that I will be serving our depressed community and one day this community will be raised and shining like morning star. Please let us have your cooperation and support so that we may be a stronger and developed community in Pakistan.

Your Cooperation, Support and prayers would be highly appreciated, may the Lord keep you under His Providence for the people who wish to fulfill the “Great Commission Matthew 28:19


Founder & Chairman,

Nations Gospel Assemblies (Registered)