NGA Sunday School

Nations Gospel Assemblies; Believes in the foundation, therefore, she is honestly, devotedly and committedly anxious to prepare the children’s young men and women to make their carrier strong on the Solid Rock. We are thankful to the Lord that He has provided us with the faithful believers with the commitment of their families and children’s.   

No doubt we are situated in the poorer Christian Vicinity but we are proud that the Lord has blessed us with the faithful believers and the families who are well aware of the spiritual constructive career of their children’s. They wish to keep them separated and isolated from the Word of Apostasy.

As a Pastor I am great full to the Lord that He provides us with the blessings and we share the blessings with our children’s on every Sunday, the heavy Breakfast, and provide them with the good Christian stories and we have the pleasure for having a strong choir leader who teaches them Christian Hymns and the religious songs.